The financial year of the Company ends on March 31.


The equity shares of the Company are listed on BSE and NSE in India. The respective codes are as below. BSE-539254 NSE-ADANIENSOL


The quarterly and annual financial results can be accessed under “Financial Section” of the website at


AGM related updates can be obtained by downloading the Annual Report of the Company from the “Finance Section” of the website at


Statutory Auditors of the Company is M/s. Walker Chandiok & Co. LLP.


ISIN code is INE931S01010.


Company’s shares can be purchased on the open market in India through either a stock broker or any financial institution that provides brokerage services at the BSE or NSE. Company does not offer a direct stock purchase plan.


Pursuant to the amendment to SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, it is mandatory to transfer or sell securities in dematerialized form from April 1, 2019. For more details, kindly contact our Registrar and Transfer Agent.


There is no restriction on holding shares in physical form. However, the transfer/trading of shares after March 31, 2019 would be done in electronic mode.


First, please open an account with a Depository Participant (DP) and obtain a unique Client ID number. Thereafter, kindly fill up a Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) provided by the DP and surrender the physical shares intended to be dematted to the DP. Upon receipt of the shares and the DRF, the DP will send electronic requests through the Depository to the Company/Registrar; for confirmation of demat. Each request will bear a unique transaction number. Simultaneously,the DP will surrender the DRF and the shares to the Company with a covering letter requesting the Company/Registrar to confirm the demat. This confirmation will be passed on from the Depository to the DP, which holds your account. After receiving this confirmation from the Depository, the DP will credit the account with the dematerialized shares. The DP will then hold the shares in the dematerialized form on your behalf and you become the beneficial owner of these dematerialized shares. After verifying the documents received from the DP, the Company/Registrar will confirm demat to the Depository.


As per the Depository Regulations, the Company is obliged to take on record the details of demat shareholders furnished by the concerned Depository Participant. The Company cannot make any change in such records received from the Depository.


For physical holdings, please send a letter, duly signed by the first holder, stating the new address and folio numbers of the shares you own to our Share Registrar. A computerized acknowledgement will be sent to your new address confirming the updating of the change in our records.In the case of dematerialized holdings, please write to your Depository Participant (DP) intimating them of the change and ask for a confirmation that their records reflect the new address.


To make a nomination, please submit a duly filled in and signed nomination form (Form SH-13) in duplicate. If you hold shares along with other holders, then all holders are required to sign the nomination form. The Nomination Form can be obtained from our Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA). Nomination in respect of shares held in physical form can be sent to the RTA. After the RTA receives the form and finds it in order, a registration number will be allotted to the nomination. A duplicate copy of the nomination form submitted by you will then be returned to you with an endorsement indicating the registration number and date. In case of demat shares, your nomination has to be recorded with your Depository Participant.Option for multiple nominations for each folio is also available.


It is not necessary to send your share certificate at the time of registration of nomination.


Joint holders are not nominees. They are joint holders of the relevant shares. In the event of death of any one of the joint holders, the surviving joint holder/s of the shares is/are the only person/persons recognized by the Company as the holders of the shares.


A nomination once made can be revoked by submitting a fresh nomination. If the nomination is made by joint holders, and one of the joint-holders dies, the surviving joint holder/s can make a fresh nomination by revoking the existing nomination.


In case of shares held by sole holder, upon the death of the shareholder, the nominee, to the exclusion of any other legal heir/beneficiary, is the only person in whom the shares vest. In other words, in case of a valid nomination, the Company will not entertain any claim from legal heirs or beneficiaries and the shares will be transmitted only in favour of the Nominee. In case the nomination is made by joint-holders, it will come into play only upon the death of all the joint holders. Therefore, if one of the joint shareholders dies, the shares will devolve on the surviving shareholders to the exclusion of the nominee. In this case, the surviving shareholders may make a fresh nomination if they so desire.