Project Snapshot

  • Name of Scheme: Evacuation of power from Mundra and Tiroda Thermal Power Plant of Adani
  • Project Location: Gujarat, Rajasthan Haryana, and Maharashtra
  • Regulator:Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)
  • Circuit Length : 3834 Ckms
  • Transformation Capacity:6630 MVA
  • Concession/ TSA Term: 35 Years
  • Project Mode: Regulated Tariff Model
  • Project Type: Inter State

About the Project

The transmission system under ATIL is to facilitate evacuation of power from Mundra and Tiroda Thermal Power Plant of Adani.

Numerous challenges were encountered and dealt with while completing the project. Three key challenges encountered and successfully dealt with were –

  • Construction in Creek area for HVDC line :Constructing HVDC transmission line through creek area of Gujarat covering around 15kM area full of water bodies of Arabian Sea was certainly a difficult task. Creek area is low lying in nature and hence remains water logged for almost 10 months in a year. Even, the normal water levels are above 1.20 meters. Adding woes to the worries were unprecedented rains in this area. The stringing work was becoming nearly impossible as most of the area was waterlogged up to chest height. Amid marshy, slushy and muddy cart tracks; men and materials were transported by tractors and excavators. Also during summers, because of frequent sand storms the work was becoming even more difficult. Even under such adverse situation, our team refused to give up and completed entire stringing work.
  • Construction of Valve Halls at Mundra & Mohindergarh : The HVDC substation comprises a structure called valve hall. This valve hall holds Thyristor valves which are used to switch power on the scale of megawatts. This valve hall is a huge structure (as big as a basketball court) which needs to be kept air tight and a little pressurized to avoid dust entry. However, the conventional valve halls are huge structure and take considerable time to construct which was not possible with this fast track project. At this, our engineers explored various possibilities in consultation with suppliers and came out with unique solution of opting for pre-fabricated steel structured valve hall which was not tried by anyone earlier. Prefabricated structure allows parallel working using modern construction tools making time management easy. This type of fabrication was new to the vendor. The vendor also took it as a challenge and finally we could complete the valve hall structure in a very short time
  • Earth Electrode Station at Kaithal : The land near to Mohindergarh area was not suitable for electrode station, which is required for HVDC line. The longest electrode line of 188 Km was constructed with many challenges.
  • Severe Right of Way Issue : During construction of 400 kV D/C Tiroda-Warora line severe right of way issued encountered near Tiroda, Bhandara, Warora, Hinghanghat area. Also, during construction of HVDC, Electrode line severe right of way issue faced in Mundra, Sikar, Pali, Bhiwani, Rohtak. After series of discussion with agitator and with the administrative support, the work was completed.

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Project Details

Transmission line/Substation Location Route Length (Ckms) / Transformation Capacity (MVA) Commission Date
±500 kV Bipolar HVDC Mundra-Mohindergarh Line Gujarat
1980 Ckt 1: 12.07.2012
Ckt 2: 09.10.2012
400 kV D/C Mundra-Sami-Dehgam line Gujarat  866 Ckt-1: 04.07.2009
Ckt-2: 13.07.2009
33 kV Bipole Earth Electrode Line at Mundra to Bhadai. Gujarat 64 09.10.2012
33 kV Bipole Earth Electrode Line at Mohindergarh to Kaithal Haryana 376 09.10.2012
400 kV D/C Mohindergarh-Dhanoda Line Haryana 10 Ckt 1: 06.08.2012
Ckt 2: 09.08.2012
400 kV D/C Mohindergarh-Bhiwani Line Haryana 100 12.07.2012
400 kV D/C Tiroda-Warora Line Maharashtra 438 26.08.2012
HVDC Mundra & Mohindergarh Substation Gujarat & Haryana 6630 12.07.2012

Hi-Tech Infrastructure

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