Project Snapshot

  • Name of Project: Transmission system associated with LTA applications from Rajasthan SEZ Part-D.
  • Project Location :Rajasthan
  • Regulator – Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Circuit Length: 481 Ckms
  • Scheduled COD: 31 Dec 2020
  • Project Mode: Tariff Based Competitive Bid
  • Project Type: Central
  • Beneficiary State / Transmission Customers: Renewable Energy Generators
  • Business Model : Build Own Operate Maintain

Project Highlights

  • Green energy corridor project to provide impetus to renewable energy generators
  • Fixed tariff

About the Project

The project is part of Green Energy corridor and will help in evacuation of renewable power projects in Rajasthan. Adani Transmission Limited has won the project in Tariff Based Competitive Bidding (TBCB) and Letter of Intent to this effect was issued on 31 July 2019.

Project Details

SL. NO. Name of the Transmission Element Scheduled COD from Effective Date Location
1. Bikaner(PG) –Khetri S/s 765kV D/c line December 31, 2020 Rajasthan
2. 765kV Bays at Bikaner(PG) & Khteri for Bikaner(PG) – Khetri S/s 765kV D/c line. (765kV line bay-4 nos.)
3. 1x240 MVAr Switchable line reactor for each circuit at each end of Bikaner –Khetri 765kV D/c line along with reactor bays. (1x240 MVAr Line reactor -4 nos., 765 kV Reactor bay -4 nos.)

Hi-Tech Infrastructure

Project Availability