Project Snapshot

  • Name of Project: 132 kV Grid Substation and associated transmission lines and associated scheme/works under RAJ/PPP-9
  • Project Location: Rajasthan
  • Regulator – Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Circuit Length: 131 Ckms
  • Transformation Capacity: 150 MVA
  • SCOD: February 2019
  • Actual COD Date: January 2019
  • Concession / TSA Term: 35 Years
  • Project Mode: Tariff Based Competitive Bidding (TBCB)
  • Project Type: Intra State
  • Project Rating: A- (CARE)
  • Beneficiary State / Off-taker: Rajasthan
  • Business Model: Build Own Operate Maintain

Project Highlights

  • Project completion before scheduled timeline
  • Proven historical operating performance – achieved availability higher than target availability
  • Strong O&M team with maintenance plan ensuring periodic maintenance
  • Fixed tariff – all tariff through non escalable component

About the Project

BPTSL was incorporated on Jun 6, 2013. BPTSL entered into a Transmission Service Agreement with Long Term Transmission Customer on Aug 4, 2017. Barmer Power Transmission Ltd. was awarded to ATL (Adani Transmission Ltd.) by Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. on Mar 31, 2017 for 35 year period from the schedule commercial operation date of the BTPSL project, on BOOM (Build, Own, Operate, Maintain) basis.

The transmission system established under BPTSL shall meet the power demand in the Rajasthan state. BPTSL operates six EHV overhead transmission lines with total circuit length of approximately 131 Ckms and six nos. Grid substation of 150 MVA capacity in the state of Rajasthan. The project construction started in November 2017 and was fully commissioned in January 2019.

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Project Details

Transmission line/Substation Location Route Length (Ckms) /  Transformation Capacity (MVA) Commission Date
LILO of 132 kV S/C Beawar - Merta line associated with 132 kV GSS Riyabari & 132kV GSS Riyabari, Nagaur Dist. Rajasthan 26 Ckms, 25 MVA 05-Jun-2018
132 kV S/C line from 132 GSS Undoo to 132kV GSS Baytu & 132kV GSS Baytu, Barmer Dist Rajasthan 30 Ckms, 25 MVA 03-Sept-2018
132 kV S/C line from 220 kV GSS Dhorimanna to 132 kV GSS Ram Ji Ki Gol & 132kV GSS Ram ji ki gol, Barmer Dist. Rajasthan 27 Ckms, 25 MVA 29-Jan-2018
LILO of 132 kV S/C Beawer - Jaitaran line associated with 132 kV GSS Bar & 132kV GSS Bar, Pali Dist. Rajasthan 7 Ckms, 25 MVA 23-May-2018
LILO of 132 kV S/C Pali -Jodhpur line associated with132 kV GSS Ghumati & 132kV GSS Ghumati, Pali Dist. Rajasthan 28 Ckms, 25 MVA 02-Sep-2018
132 kV S/C line from 220 kV Jalore to 132 kV GSS Ahore associated with 132 kV GSS Ahore & 132kV GSS Ahore, Jalore Dist. Rajasthan 13 Ckms, 25 MVA 31-May-2018

Hi-Tech Infrastructure

Project Availability