Project Snapshot

  • Name of Project: Transmission System for 400 kV Vikhroli receiving station and associated incoming transmission lines for strengthening of Mumbai Transmission System
  • Project Location: Maharashtra 
  • Regulator – Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Circuit Length: 74 Ckms approx.
  • Substation Capacity: 1500 MVA
  • Business Model: Build Own Operate Maintain
  • Scheduled COD: July 2023
  • Concession / TSA Term: 35 years
  • Project Mode: Tariff Based Competitive Bidding
  • Project Type: Intra State
  • Beneficiary State / Transmission Customers: Maharashtra

Project Highlights

  • Strengthening of Mumbai transmission system
  • Fixed tariff

About the Project

The project “Kharghar Vikhroli Transmission Limited” comprises of approximately 74 Ckm of 400 kV and 220 kV transmission lines along with 1500 MVA 400kV GIS Substation at Vikhroli in Mumbai. This project is critical to the city of Mumbai as the existing capacity of transmission corridor is not sufficient to carry further power into the city. This project would enable additional power to be brought into Mumbai and would thus help in meeting the future demand of the city. Adani Energy Solutions Limited had received the LoI for the project in Dec 2019.

Project Details

S.No. Name of the Transmission Element Location
1 400 kV Kharghar-Vikhroli D/C & M/C line with bays at Kharghar & Vikhroli (with conductor capacity of 2,000 MW per circuit) along with 400 kV Bus extension at 400 kV Kharghar end  Maharashtra
2 LILO on 400 kV Talegaon-Kalwa line at 400 kV Vikhroli GIS S/S with bays 
3 LILO of existing 220 kV Trombay – Salsette I & II and 220 kV Trombay – Salsette III & IV at 400/220 kV Vikhroli S/S 
Installation of 1 x 125 MVAR 400 kV Bus Reactor 
5 400/220 kV GIS Substation with 3 x 500 MVA, 400/220 kV ICTs 
6 Diversion of existing 110 kV Dharavi-Salsette via Vikhroli lines considering future 220 kV upgradation