Project Snapshot

  • Name of Project: Additional System Strengthening Scheme for Chhattisgarh IPPs (part-B)
  • Project Location: Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra
  • Regulator – Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Circuit Length: 604 Ckms
  • Actual COD Date: March 2019
  • Concession / TSA Term: 35 Years
  • Project Mode: Tariff Based Competitive Bidding (TBCB)
  • Project Type: Inter State
  • Project Rating: A- (Brickwork)
  • Beneficiary State / Off-taker: MP, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Dadar & Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu
  • Business Model: Build Own Operate Maintain

Project Highlights

  • Strong O&M team with maintenance plan ensuring periodic maintenance
  • Counter party risk protection through Payment Pooling Mechanism
  • Counter party risk linked to CTU (PGCIL)
  • Fixed tariff – all tariff through non escalable component

About the Project

RRWTL was incorporated on Dec 23, 2014. RRWTL entered into a Transmission Service Agreement with Long Term Transmission Customer on June 24, 2015. RRWTL was awarded to ATL (Adani Transmission Ltd.) by PFC Consulting Limited on July 28, 2015 for 35 year period from the schedule commercial operation date of the RRWTL project, on BOOM (Build, Own, Operate, Maintain) basis.

RRWTL is intended to strengthen transmission system in Chhattisgarh and Western Region . RRWTL shall strengthen evacuation of about 1800 MW power from Individual Power Producer (IPPs) in chhattisgarh. RRWTL operates two EHV overhead transmission lines with total circuit length of approximately 604 Ckms in the state of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra and One Nos. Rajnandgaon switching station.

Project entailed laying of 604 Ckms of transmission line and New Switching Station near Rajnandgaon. Project construction started in November 2015 and was fully commissioned in March 2019.

Numerous challenges were encountered and dealt with while completing the project. Two key challenges encountered and successfully dealt with were –

  • Forest Approval in Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra for about 294 Ha
  • Construction of 20 KM line passing through Gadhicroli’s Naxalite area

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Project Details

Transmission line/Substation Location Route Length (Ckms) / Transformation Capacity(MVA) Commission Date
765 kV Double Circuit Raipur (Pool) to Rajnandgaon line Chhattisgarh 80 24-Mar-2019
765 kV Double Circuit Rajnandgaon to Warora Transmission Line Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra 524 31-Mar-2019
Establishment of New Switching Station near Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh - 24-Mar-2019

Hi-Tech Infrastructure

Project Availability